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It's 2014 - Bring On Those Resolutions!-What Are You Waiting For ???

It's 2014 - Bring On Those Resolutions!-What Are You Waiting For ???

Happy New Year!  Now that all of the confetti has cleared and the party hats are being stored for next year, we can start focusing on our infamous New Year’s resolutions.  It seems every year, we make lists, have high hopes, and fully believe that the garage will stay perfectly organized, that treadmill in the house will get put to good use and our projects will be started way ahead of time.  Let’s face it, some resolutions start off strong and become less important as our excuses get stronger, but why not begin establishing new good habits in another way?  We have sought out a list of our favorite gadgets to save on your water usage throughout the year!  These inexpensive little gems will be the perfect excuse to amp up your resolution list and start saving you money in 2014.

One smart way to reduce your water and energy usage is in the shower.  About 20% of our total domestic energy usage is from hot water for showering and bathing, so there are ways to help reduce that for the benefit of your household, as well as the earth’s resources.  The Eco Showerdrop is a low-cost, universal shower meter that tells you exactly how much water your shower dispenses and alerts you when the recommended amount of water has been supplied.  It is simple to set up and a great addition to your daily water maintenance routine.  Another inexpensive and effective option is the Ecosaver Shower Timer; a digital countdown timer that alerts you when your shower time is up.  This timer allows the flexibility for you to choose the time that is set.  (We recommend about six minutes depending on your water pressure!)

Another product on our water radar is the Waterpebble.  This revolutionary device takes water and energy conservation to a whole new level by monitoring the water going down the drain while you shower.  Using a series of LED lights, the device lets you know when it is time to get out and uses memorization technology to fractionally reduce your showers overtime, helping you save water and costs without a thought!  An alternative way to control the water flow in your shower is to utilize an eco-friendly showerhead.  We enjoy Waterpik’s EcoFlow Hand Held Shower Heads with five spray settings.  Water conservation is made easy with this showerhead.  Just choose the setting that conforms to your comfort and start saving.

So, it may take a little bit of additional dedication keeping your long list of resolutions alive throughout the year, but with these fantastic gadgets to help you save water and energy, this resolution has already checked itself off the list!  Here’s to a happy, healthy, and productive New Year (we won’t even judge you if the garage is a little messy.)

Good To Know:-) RWI receives no compensation from the companies listed in this article, nor do we directly endorse these innovative gadgets.  They just happen to be a few of our personal favorites and we wanted to share them with you!  Enjoy.