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Summer, at Last...Let the Fun Begin!

Summer, at Last...Let the Fun Begin!

Summer is finally here, no worries if you don’t have any plans to go away on vacation, lots of fun can be had in your own backyard. Take a look at some of these kid friendly activities and enjoy making new memories.  Don’t forget to celebrate your fun times and snap a few pictures as you spend time with family and friends!

Set up an outdoor shower
Setting up an outdoor shower in your backyard will not only help wash away the heat but also irrigate your lawn. There is a wide range of outdoor showers designs to choose from a simple hosepipe hosted on a tree to solar water heated showers. The stall should blend seamlessly with your main house architectural and can have extra features like a vertical garden with your favorite flowers to accentuate its ambience. You can also connect a single handle pullout faucet to clean your pets.
Showering under open skies is exhilarating, however, keep in mind shower stalls should be constructed for privacy to prevent neighbors standing on their balconies from seeing below your chin!  Install a light bulb in case you wish to shower under a starry sky:-)

Go camping right in your backyard
Invite over family, friends and kiddos and have them bring their camping gear. Set up tents on the lawn after sweeping the area for anthills and other irritants that may spoil the whole camping experience. Get the sleeping bags or blow-up mattress’ set up and include light blankets and pillows-especially in areas where temperatures dip considerably at night. Grab flashlights, turn off all the lights and leave the smart gadgets in the house.  Incorporate games like “grab the spotlight” for toddlers or turn the backyard into an obstacle course for the older kids. They can then compete leaping over the flowerpots, lap around the flowerbeds and army-crawl under the trampoline. Setup a small bonfire and have everyone gather around. Roast marshmallows, make smores and catch fireflies.  Last but not least...don’t forget to tell ghost stories before everyone nods off to sleep!

Start a Taco Tuesday
Gather neighbors and friends one night a week for themed potluck dinner and friendly game of beanbag toss, horseshoe or bocce.

Chalk it up to kids
Set up a board in the backyard and have the kids write all they want. Ignite their imaginations and have them tell stories with their pictures from their favorite cartoon characters, flowers for little girls to superheroes to superheros and  Once the board is filled up have them chalk up the drive way in different colors and patterns such that they are visible from their bedroom window.

Set up an outdoor theater
Get a movie with a catchy storyline then invite over friends and family for an outdoor movie night. Be sure to switch off all the other lights so that the only source of illumination is the projector. Connect a portable projector to a good sound system to bring out the theater experience. A simple white sheet will work great as a screen. It’s a good idea to set up the theater with close access to the house or garage so that in the event of unexpected rain, equipment can be quickly carried to safety.

Arrange lawn chairs and couch cushions on blankets or matts at a distance for optimum viewing. Last but not least, don’t forget to stock a good supply of candy, popcorn and drinks to keep your guests glued to the screen!

Here's to making memories the old fashion way.  Wishing you all an unforgettable summer loaded with fun!

Photo Courtesy of Graur Razvan Ionut.