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Hello, April.

Hello, April.

As we say “Goodbye” to March and a warm “Hello” to April, we welcome Spring in all its glory. And it IS glorious: the profusion of brightly hued blooms, the warm days and pleasant nights, the cool breezes and trill of bird-songs

Spring infuses the world with color.

It reminds me of the moment when Dorothy opens the door of her sepia-toned, monochromatic home and steps into the lush, vibrant, Technicolor world of Oz for the first time. I feel like Dorothy when I walk out my front door and see a world reborn: trees that seemed dry and lifeless are green and budding, bulbs that had been lying dormant have raised their faces to the sun. Songbirds greet me every morning and the sun lingers a little longer every night. 

See what I mean? Glorious.


Now, as “Spring” brings to mind “Spring Cleaning,” what are some ways you can help to clean up and protect all this beauty around you?

  • Donate your unwanted clothing and shoes, household items, bedding, and furniture. Check for local charitable organizations to donate your used items.  Also, you can donate used books and magazines to your local library, hospital, hospice, or nursing home.

  • Donate your used computers, TV, and electronics. For recycling and donation options in your state, visit this EPA site. For Canadian options, visit this EPSC site.

  • Clean your home with safe, non-toxic cleaning products and reusable cloths or rags rather than disposable paper towels. Here is a helpful guide of environmentally safe household cleaning products. And another helpful guide for cleaning with vinegar. (Did you realize that vinegar was such a wonder product?)

  • Dispose of household chemicals, paints, cleaners, oils, batteries, and pesticides at a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) center in your area. Check with your local waste management facility for options.

  • Check for leaks. While you’re doing all this spring-cleaning, check for leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms. A faucet that is leaking one drop per second can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water per year! Here is a helpful video on detecting household leaks from the Regional Water Providers Consortium.

If you missed last month’s handy-dandy spring-cleaning PDF from, here it is again. It is definitely worth printing and using as a guide.

So, spring to it and get cleaning. 
Take care of the beauty all around you,
and enjoy this glorious spring!