Customer & Employment Forms

New owners, whether it be by purchase or new construction, are required to complete a Water User's Agreement and return it to our offices.  Please contact Customer Service to provide your information for your account to be created and the Agreement sent for your signatures.

ACH is the worry-free way to pay your water bill.  With this service, the amount of your monthly bill is automatically deducted from your bank account and credited to your utility account.  There is no set-up fee or charge associated with this method of payment.  To set up Automated Bank Drafting, simply download and fill out the ACH Recurring Debit form and drop it off or mail it to our office, along with a voided check from the account you wish the draft to pull from.

Tenants moving into rental properties are required to sign an Occupant’s Agreement and put forth a deposit of $125.00.  Upon termination of the Occupant’s Agreement and once all balances owed the District have been paid in full, any remaining deposit will be returned to the tenant.