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New Service Forms

Water Usage Agreement
(For Owners)

New owners, whether it be by purchase or new construction, are required to complete a Water User’s Agreement and return it to our offices.
Please contact Customer Service to provide your information for your account to be created and the Agreement sent for your signatures.

Occupant's Agreement
(For Renters)

Tenants moving into rental properties are required to sign an Occupant’s Agreement and put forth a deposit of $150.00.

Upon termination of the Occupant’s Agreement and once all balances owed the district have been paid in full, any remaining deposit will be returned to the tenant.

Sales Tax

This document is to be completed by those claiming exemption from sales/use tax.

Please fill out the form and email, mail, or drop at the Xenia Rural Water District offices.


Listed here are the current rates and policies. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office and we will provide it for you. The rates shown do not include any applicable taxes.

Our water meters are read each month. Please contact our office for any additional information.

Standard Rates

Monthly Minimum
$69.15 + tax

Water Included
2,000 gallons

Addional Usage
(Rate/1,000 Gallons)

$13.80 + tax

Over 10,000
$5.80 + tax

Billing Examples

2,000 Gallons
$69.15 + tax

5,000 Gallons
110.55 + tax

10,000 Gallons
$179.55 + tax

25,000 Gallons
$266.55 + tax

Meter Reading

Meter Reading

Meters are read once monthly. Xenia personnel electronically retrieve your meter’s reading remotely. Those readings are then uploaded into our billing system. All usages are reported and billed in 1,000 gallon increments, rounded down, each month.

The water rates are established by the Board of Directors. The minimum monthly charge is based on the amortized construction project. In addition, rates must cover the operating, maintenance and debt service costs. The monthly minimum charge entitles the customer to receive up to 2,000 gallons (base amount) of water per month.

The minimum charge is due and payable monthly after water becomes available from Xenia Rural Water District, whether or not the participating member has connected to the final delivery point. Any unused portion of the base amount may not be carried over for future use.

Usages for any amount in excess of the base amount are billed in increments of 1,000 gallons.